Do You Need a Real Estate Agent?

By: Victor Normand
Published: May 2015

Donald Trump was recently asked why he thought he would make a good President. He answered “because I know all the right people.” And that’s not a bad answer. Engaging a good real estate agent makes YOU smart. While tapping into their knowledge and experience is a very good thing, having access through them to their local office support and to their list of other housing professionals is important and indispensable.

Referral networks are increasingly popular these days. One of the major benefits of social media allows participants to share their experiences with others. Real estate agents have always valued referrals as the most effective way to build their business. Getting started on a real estate adventure is easy going at first, but it rarely stays that way; ask anyone who has just completed a deal. Testimonials are a good way to learn about an agent and often a window into some of the complicated situations that often arise on the way to a closing.

What about deciding against using a real estate agent? In an attempt to “save” that commission expense, whether or not you save money buying or selling a property is not so certain. You can search on line for legal or medical advice and save those professional fees as well, but that might not be cost effective either. It’s all about believing that your agent represents a value proposition.

A buyer more focused on using commission money as part of negotiating a purchase by dealing directly with a seller or seller’s agent may succeed, but their negotiating success may be limited. A buyer agent brings knowledge of the local market and practical experience to every transaction. There is a vast difference between someone who does a real estate deal once every seven to ten years and someone who may have done more than seven to ten deals in the past year.

There might be comfort, if not safety, in believing that “you don’t know what you don’t know.” But, that is no defense in situations involving discrimination, home inspections, lead paint notifications, legally binding agreements and a host of other legal requirements that are a part of every real estate transaction. Whether you are a buyer or seller, full disclosure and knowing your rights can help protect you from financial difficulties, wasting time and preventing extended periods of stress and anxiety.

The Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons enforces existing licensing laws and regulations on behalf of consumers. Real estate agents are required to maintain active licensees and regularly participate in continuing education. In addition, many real estate agents, including all of the Resident Experts sm at Acton Real Estate are REALTORS®, members of the Massachusetts Association of Realtor and the National Association of Realtors. As members, REALTORS® must abide by a strict code of ethics, which is also subject to continuing education requirements.

So, when you know a Resident Expertsm who is also a REALTOR®, you know the right people.

The Network and Relationships

By: Victor Normand
Published: March 2015

Manager, Krystal Brule, accepting Award on behalf of Acton Real Estate in Las Vegas

Manager, Krystal Brule, accepting Award on behalf of Acton Real Estate in Las Vegas

Press Release:
International Real Estate Conference Draws 2,000 Attendees
Local Firm among Top Award Winners – and that would be Acton Real Estate.

We all work in a networked economy. Businesses routinely tout their connections to vast networks, some that circle the globe, to illustrate how their customers benefit from doing business with them. Some networks are based on numerous company offices, some by industry. The truth is any network is only useful when there is interaction among those who belong to the network.

Acton Real Estate belongs to a global network of independent real estate companies, called the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE). The criterion for membership is rigid and requires that members refer relocation business to one another regularly. In doing so, it’s a routine business for us to ensure that our clients will be referred to a company that we know will serve them exceedingly well. At the annual LeadingRE conference held in Las Vegas in February, 2,000 participants from over 500 of the best independent real estate companies from across the country and around the world gathered to learn new things, exchange ideas and recognize the achievements of member companies.

Acton Real Estate came away with top honors for outgoing referral production and placed among the top 5 in 4 other categories. The company’s accomplishments made it rank 3rd overall among 130 partner companies of similar size.

Success in the networked economy requires that companies both compete and cooperate. Two authors on the subject of business management, Adam Brandenburger and Barry Nalebuff from Harvard and Yale respectively, coined the term co-opetition to describe the place where competition and cooperation merge to respond to a changing business dynamic. They published their work in 1996 just as this new paradigm was evolving; where “information, connectivity and time” began to define how business was conducted.

Consumers began to discover, and now take for granted that barriers to entry into the world of commerce were falling. They have come to expect that all buyers and all sellers have gathered to form the once only theoretical “perfect marketplace.” But membership in the interconnected world adds value to business transactions only when there is active participation. Joining is not co-opetition; relationships must be used to have value.

The active participation of Acton Real Estate in LeadingRE truly adds value to the service we provide to clients. In addition, the ongoing interaction with the best independent real estate companies around the globe continually strengthens those relationships. Being top of mind with real estate companies in Boston, Chicago or London is good for business and good for our clients and it’s what they should expect.

The Resident Expertsm are off to a great start in 2015, using their networking skills in every way to make sure the clients we serve are active players in the global marketplace.