Breaking News – Unicorn Found on Spruce Street?

You may have heard that Amazon has opened brick and mortar bookstores, eleven actually, all across the country. Is Jeff Bezos hedging his bet on the original Amazon staple? Or just offering a different experience. Paul Swydan thinks he knows and will be bringing his Silver Unicorn bookstore to the Village, here in West Acton.

While the digital age has changed how we shop for items like homes and books, some underlying principles have been rediscovered. About seven or eight years ago, Google began to notice a trend in how folks were searching for goods and services, more precisely, how they were qualifying their searches.  Phrases like “near me,” “closest” and “nearby” began to appear more and more frequently,  thirty -four times more often to be precise, over that time period.

Characteristic of Google, they began to alter their algorithms to respond to consumer demand for the hyper-local intent. Not to pass up an opportunity to sell favorable search positioning in response to this newly found phenomenon, companies found themselves organically or purposefully showcased in searches like this:

While the pay per click ads provide favorable positioning on a limited basis, having original hyper-local content that Google recognizes as such, serves as the best way to get selected  among  the three or four highlighted firms.

Marketing by local companies has changed as the internet has grown. Still, some companies do not display their physical address as if admitting to being in only one place was a handicap. National brands once touted their broad reach as a positive differentiator. It is pretty much recognized by everyone now that the internet has leveled the playing field for marketing goods and services, like real estate and books, and the appeal for local connection has become a greater good.

Forces operating in the digital age do not give up easily on any challenge, satisfying the demands of the hyper local consumer is no exception. Enter Virtual Reality and the quest to create the hyper local experience remotely. Is VR truly satisfying, or merely cool? For some of us, it is hard to imagine virtual reality ever replacing actual reality, including reading books.

If you own a home, you are by definition, invested in your community and when you go to sell that home, you need to know that whoever is working for you is able to convince buyers that the community is worth investing in. Having restaurants, a coffee shop, some retail and now a bookstore in the neighborhood trends positively.

In the retail world, while local independent stores may lack a pricing advantage, survey respondents generally consider neighborhood businesses to be more trustworthy and better able to deliver on a quality experience than the national brand, big boxes. The polling company, Neilson, found that 75% of respondents to a larger, international survey, prefer to do business with firms with a nearby brand origin. And if you look, you’ll find that it’s Independent businesses that contribute more to the economy from their support of non-profits as well as enlisting other local businesses for its day-to-day needs like print services and marketing for example.

The continued interest in Acton Real Estate as a community based independent company by hyper-local consumers is of obvious importance to us. But we also hope for similar success for all of the businesses in the West Acton Village which will soon have a book store on Spruce Street. We helped Paul Swydan negotiate his lease and wish the Silver Unicorn Bookstore much hyper-local success.

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