A Move in the Works

By: Victor Normand
Published: August 2015

Acton Real Estate

Acton Real Estate Company is moving to new offices in West Acton Village. The new space will be in the recently built Villageworks complex on Massachusetts Avenue, in an area fast becoming the most active and interesting commercial center in town.

Just as living space needs for individuals and families changes over time, spaces for businesses evolve as well. Sometimes the current space is too large or too small, sometimes the type or arrangement of spaces has changed, a location closer to amenities becomes a consideration, and sometimes we just need a change.

Businesses, like families adapt their needs to whatever space they are in until they have reached the point, for any number of reasons, where something just has to be done and then the wheels of change are set in motion. Once that happens, the urge to move begins to build and all the pros and cons get listed to see which list will be longest and prevail.

For a business like a real estate office, the space has to be functional and efficient, but it must also reflect the way workers and clients expect to do business today. Work environments for customer service businesses are more open and inviting these days, physical barriers between workers and customers have fallen. Those who sell goods and services are no longer the fount of all wisdom they once were. The information age has armed consumers with abundant information, now it is all about forming trusting relationships along with a demonstrably superior knowledge of the product or service.

The new space we are moving to, first of all is new, and that is almost always attractive to staff and customers, not unlike the appeal of new homes over older homes. And it is not just that new is shining and bright; new is able to respond to the latest technologies, current design trends and proven innovative concepts. The new space and new furnishings convey forward thinking, an openness to all that is new and creative.

The decision to move Acton Real Estate was not made easily. The company has operated from 371 Massachusetts Avenue for almost exactly 60 years since it began as a business in 1956. The move to 525 Massachusetts Avenue is barely a mile down the road but the look and feel of the offices as well as its village setting will be a world of difference.

The means to access services now is almost exclusively by automobile; the new location accommodates parked cars nicely, but is in the midst of a walkable environment. The present location is a free standing building; the new office is among other service, professional, retail, food businesses and event spaces. A lively, interesting gathering of busy people makes us all feel social and engaged.

Now that we have made the decision to relocate, and construction has begun on the office fit-up, we are all anxious to be working in the Village and welcoming our friends, neighbors and other clients to the new home of the Resident Expertsm. You can check on the progress with weekly updates on our Facebook page and then come by when we open the doors early this fall.