Great Information from Service Professionals for Home Sellers

shutterstock_141754537 [Converted]By: Victor Normand
Published: September 2013

You may have heard a lot about the shortage of homes for sale in many communities, including many of the towns in our area.  While it is a fact that the number of homes being listed is down and the competition for well-marketed homes has become more intense, the outlook is that more homes are likely to come to market this fall and certainly next spring.

A big reason why more homes will come to market is that higher selling prices are occurring.  And higher sale prices mean many potential home sellers now have sufficient equity in their properties to make selling a realistic economic consideration.

Selling a home is a complex undertaking that gets more complex as you become familiar with the required steps   At Acton Real Estate we have tried to make the experience  more manageable by breaking things down to ten basic elements (contact us for a copy of  “The Home Selling Process”  which details how we go about selling homes).   The most important steps are pricing, staging, marketing, negotiating, and closing, among others.  Another key step is vendor coordination, which relies heavily on the agent’s knowledge and experience with actual property service providers.

In order to bring some clarity and efficiency to the process, we’ve gathered our trusted Vendor Partners together at an event called,  “The Agents Roadshow for Home Sellers”.  This tradeshow will be held at The Holiday Inn in Boxborough on Wednesday, September 25 from 5:30 to 8:00pm.   Here you will be able to meet with the pros and have all your questions answered.

You may recognize some of the vendors who will be at the event.  We have worked with all of them; they are among the best around because they always get the job done well. We can help answer your questions about:

  • Credit and current interest rates
  • What kinds of upgrades buyers expect
  • Which rooms could use remodeling
  • Increasing curb appeal with landscaping
  • Choosing the right paint palette to unify your home
  • Straight talk about environmental issues (mold, radon, etc.)

Whether you have questions about these issues or others, you will find advice from these folks helpful for all these topics.

So, if you are thinking about selling your home now or sometime soon, this is the “one-stop shopping” forum that will help you put all the pieces together. There will be no formal program or presentations, just you and your neighbors in the company of these service professionals.   Of course, the Resident Experts sm will be there as well to talk about the current market, and how to take the next steps along the way to a successful home selling experience.