Acton Real Estate Blog – The Smart Phone and the QR Code

By Victor Normand
Published: February 2011

Bar codes are everywhere merchandise is sold; in fact, it would be a surprise not to find one on a product.  By and large we trust them and even for those of us who absorb and use new technologies cautiously if not painfully, we have accepted them.  I have even felt comfortable enough to check myself out on occasion at the supermarket. So, now along comes the QR code, QR for quick response and it certainly is that! It is essentially a bar code variation with lots of uses.

The QR technology is actually not new.  It was invented in Japan in 1994 by a company owned by Toyota, and used to track parts during automobile manufacturing.  What’s new is its use in conjunction with smart phones.  It did not take long for software designers to realize the potential uses a QR code could be put to by these increasingly ubiquitous hand held devices.

Presently there are over 50 apps available which will allow smart phones to recognize QR codes and allow large amounts of information and images to almost instantly appear on the screen, and all of these apps are free. Creating the QR codes only requires searching on line for the program which is available from any number of sources.

So, expect to see QR codes EVERYWHERE, and very soon.  They are already appearing in many magazines and outdoor advertising venues.  In our real estate business, expect to see them attached to lawn signs which will allow passersby on foot or in a moving automobile (we advise caution in this regard and strongly recommend that the smart phone be in the hands of a passenger) to capture the QR code and within moments, have all of the listing information, including pictures, in the palm of their hands.

The QR code will become the portal through which complete information on a specific property will be available.  Has there ever been an invention so aptly named as the Smart Phone?